Can You Beat Fatigue With Exercise?

Can you beat fatigue with exercises?

Can you improve your energy levels with exercising?

Exercising has amazing benefits, not only for your body but is really good for your brain and does improve energy levels.

Exercising may be a word that makes you feel uncomfortable. Maybe you tried it before and you didn’t get the results you wanted and couldn’t sustain it.

Let me give you 5 ways that exercising improves your fatigue:

  1. It increases the release of endorphins

  2. It improves your sleep

  3. It reduces inflammation

  4. It helps condition your body

  5. It improves your brain health

So, how do you start exercising?

New research shows that high intensity training works really, really great for a lot of people. That means that you need about 15 minutes of well conducted training, with good technique, about 3 times a week.

If you’ve been struggling with fatigue and you’re lacking energy, let me help you. Book a complimentary call with me.

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