How Does Low Stomach Acidity Affect Your Energy?

How does low stomach acidity affect your energy levels?

How does it cause fatigue?

Is it good for you to take antacids?

A lot of people have low stomach acid and that causes a number of problems. They take antacids, which make things even worse.

Why is that?

The stomach acid is there for a purpose. Here are the 3 main reasons:

  1. To fight infections

  2. Break down nutrients

  3. Help absorb minerals and vitamins

If you have more bacteria coming into your stomach and surviving while passing through the stomach because of low acidity your microbiome will be affected and, consequently, your energy levels will decrease. Imbalance in the microbiome also leads to autoimmune conditions.

A lot of people with low stomach acidity will have belching, bloating, pain, and gas. These symptoms are similar to people with high acid conditions and gastritis.

It’s really important that you find the cause of your fatigue. Adding more and more medicines and prescriptions only make things worse and more imbalanced. Finding the root cause of the problem is crucial to getting better.

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